Egmont Latvia


Advantages of cooperation

Making an agreement with Egmont Latvia your enterprise gets the following advantages:

1.    Credit. The possibility to obtain books and magazines from the Egmont Latvia warehouse on credit terms which depends on the history of cooperation of your enterprise, turnover and regional factors. Standard credit term is 30 calendar days.

2.    Right to return. You have the possibility to return unsold goods within 90 calendar days from the moment of purchase – not bearing losses for unsold products.

3.    Discounts. Cash discounts are for all clients who pay for the goods immediately in the Egmont Latvia warehouse without credit. For all the products there are fixed discounts and the possibility to choose the most appropriate plan of cooperation for your enterprise.

4.    Update information.  Some marketing and product control instruments, which help to develop your business.

5.    Special offers. Regular and seasonal discounts specially for our partners

Making an agreement about cooperation and becoming a partner of Egmont Latvia publishing house you get the credit terms, the possibility to return goods, cash and trading discounts, access to up-to-date information as well as special offers which promote your business development.



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