Egmont Latvia


Opportunities for cooperation

1.    Modern and effective information exchange

Egmont Latvia” offers a wide range of marketing and informational instruments that makes the process of making decisions easier and advances the growth of sales.

1.1.       Egmont Latvia latest books, electronic bulletin in fax, email or web format, available for each partner providing current information – new assortment, price change etc.

1.2.       Egmont Latvia top sales, electronic bulletin in fax, email or web format, available for each partner. Top sales are based on the sales of the previous month that gives our partners the possibility to control the assortment.

1.3.       Advertising campaigns   Egmont Latvia finances partners’ advertising, participates in special point-of-sale campaigns as well as investing in advertisements of the partners’ informational publications, which all work together to increase sales.

1.4.       Special offers, specially formulated offers for trading partners providing advertising materials and other possibilities for successful cooperation.

-      Special offers for certain goods

-      Special seasonal campaigns

-      Regular discount campaigns

1.5.       Regular meetings with best partners, to improve two-way communication and exchange opinions about market processes, meetings are held at least twice a month. The best partner is not only the biggest but also the most dynamic. A dynamic partner is a partner who achieves the highest growth in comparison to the previous period of cooperation.


2.    Profitable cooperation

Egmont Latvia offers flexible and transparent cooperation conditions, cooperation plans and cash discounts which provide successful cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions.

2.1.       Book returns – when making an agreement with Egmont Latvia, a trading partner has the right to return unsold goods within 90 calendar days from the moment of purchase.

2.2.       Cooperation plan Egmont Latvia offers several plans of cooperation:

1st variant: Fixed discount depending on turnover. Discount volume depends on the partner’s previous year’s turnover (for existing partners) or turnover forecast during a certain period (for new partners). Implementing the plan a partner has to achieve a certain turnover in their trading outlets taking into account seasonal and regional factors and to control the quantity of products in the trading outlets to their satisfaction.

2nd variation: Fixed discount on products. It can be received by a partner who agrees to implement a certain annual product plan (putting a certain number of products in the trading point) during one year. The plan depends on the business partner’s size and trading points’ capacity.

2.3.       Cash discounts – any client (including those who haven’t made an agreement with Egmont Latvia) will have a discount when paying for an order immediately in the Egmont Latvia warehouse without credit and the right to return the goods. You can find information about the size of the discount in the Egmont Latvia warehouse or in the sales department.


3. Development of partners’ business activity

Special offers for new and existing partners, starting a new business or expanding an existing one.

3.1.       Special conditions – if a partner needs special conditions for business accomplishment (payment terms, returns terms or any other conditions) we provide maximum flexible cooperation conditions, which help the development of your business through mutually beneficial conditions.


Additional information about cooperation and agreements

Additional information about cooperation and agreement execution is available from the Egmont Latvia sales department.