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How it all started...

The dream became a reality when in 1878 Petrine Petersen bought a printing press for her son Egmont Harald Petersen. Soon Egmont Harald opened his own small printing shop in Norebro, a working district of Copenhagen, and gained a reputation as an efficient master of high quality printing.

In 1904, the purchase of the family magazine Hjemmet really got the magazine business moving, and it quickly gained a presence both in Norway and in Sweden.

In 1914 the first printing house was built in Copenhagen under the name of Gutenberghus. This was the name of the printing company till 1992, when it was changed to Egmont, in honour of the founder.

Petersen’s  second dream was realized after his death. Egmont Petersen dreamed of donating part of his company to charity, to support education and culture, health and social projects. Thus the fund of Egmont H. Petersen, now called Egmont Foundation, was founded.

Cooperation with Walt Disney

Since 1944, the printing house Gutenberghus has been run by Egmont Petersen’s elder son Axel Egmont Petersen. He started a collaboration with Walt Disney, whose name wasn’t well-known after World War II. In 1948 Axel E. Petersen signed an agreement for the rights to publish Disney products. On September 1, 1948 in Sweden the first issue of the magazine Kalle Anka & Co was published.

Today, magazines with Disney characters are published in 85 languages in 75 countries all over the world.

International Media Group

          Internationally the name of Egmont is known mainly for its products for children and teenagers – magazines, books, TV programs, films and games. Egmont Media Group comprises more than 120 companies (with more than 6,400 employees) in 28 countries all over the world, including Scandinavia, Europe, the United States of America and Asia.