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Žurnāls „Donalds Daks”

Žurnāls „Donalds Daks”

A magazine for boys and girls from 5!

In the magazine there are:

  • For everyone - funny and wicked, new and old comics about Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck and other cartoon characters
  • Humorous and entertaining rubrics
  • Each issue has a contest and a possibility to win a prize
  • Detective puzzles from Mickey Mouse
  • There is a toy-present in each magazine

Releases of magazine
  • Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" 1/2017Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" 1/2017
  • Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" - 2/2017Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" - 2/2017
  • Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" 3/2017Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" 3/2017
  • Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" 4/2017Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" 4/2017
  • Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" - 5/2017Žurnāls "Donalds Daks" - 5/2017