Egmont Latvia


About Egmont Latvija

December 16, 1991 is the date when publishing house Egmont Latvija, an associated enterprise of a leading Scandinavian media group EGMONT was registered in the Latvian business register.

          The first magazine, Mickey Mouse, was published in June 1992. Since that time the publishing house has published such magazines as Knaps Makdaks (Scrooge McDuck), Vinnijs Pūks (Winnie The Pooh), Blīkšķu Bannijs (Bugs Banny), Disney Princeses, Donalds Daks: krustām šķērsām (Fun with Donald Duck), Opā!, Betmens & Supermens(Batman &Superman), Race Report, Tom & Jerry, W.I.T.C.H., Asterix, Hot Wheels, Top of the Pops.

In May 1997, in response to children’s requests, the magazine Mickey Mouse was renamed Donalds Daks (Donald Duck), and it is still published under the same name. 

The second significant branch of Egmont is book publishing. Year by year Egmont issues about 200 titles, from such famous copyright holders as Disney Enterprises Inc., Mattel, Marvel, DreamWorks, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, Ludorum, Nickelodeon etc. In general these are the books for children and teenagers – board books, coloring books, sticker books, big and small story books and novels, books with CDs, book-rattles, encyclopedias etc. Our partners  are well-known publishing houses – Publication International (USA), Hinkler (Australia), Carlton Books (UK), Red Bird Books (UK), Parragon (Australia), Award Publication (UK), Small World Creations (UK), Igloo Books (UK), Brown Watson (Germany), Cheeky Monkey (UK), Libsa (Spain), Gemser (Spain), Macaw Book (India), Play Bac (France), Phidal (Canada), Readers’ Digest (UK), Ameet (Poland) etc.